Saturday, March 8, 2014

Introducing "Control You" by Jennifer Snyder!

I am so happy to be part o the tour for Control You, the latest from the talented Jennifer Snyder. Check out a little preview to her new novel (a teaser into the head of Cam, the main character) as well as a sneak peak into the book :).

Cam’s Top 10:

1. Favorite actress? 
Jessica Alba. No question. Brunette, gorgeous smile, what more could a man ask for?

2. Favorite song?
Hurt by Sevendust. I know it was a Jonny Cash song first, but damn those guys took that song and hit a whole new kind of emotional level with it.

3. Favorite place you would love to visit?
I’ve traveled a lot, but there’s always more to see. I’d say Ireland. It would be freaking awesome to visit an actual castle.

4. One item you cannot live without? 
Music. If I truly had to pick only one thing, music would have to be it. It’s a personal thing—an expression of someone’s soul, when it’s done right.

5. Who would you like to meet? (dead or alive)
Abraham Lincoln. That dude knew what the hell he was doing with things.

6. Favorite hobby? 
Sex. That counts, right? It’s very enjoyable—when done right—and can be a kick ass pastime.

7. Guilty pleasure?
Sleep. I could sleep for fourteen hours straight if I was uninterrupted.

8. Favorite author? 
Ernest Hemingway. He was a fucking genius.

9. Do you collect anything?
Broken hearts. No, I’m just kidding. I’m actually not much of a collector. The only things I collect are songs and my own paintings. 

10. Favorite color?

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