Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Celebration of Writing

I've been busy this past week, and I'm exited to share my fun with you!

Thursday, November 14th, a group of authors and I spent the day at Silver Sands Middle School, chatting with students about writing, reading, publishing, and all sorts of questions they came up with. With such a wide range of authors, the kids had the chance to get a lot of insider knowledge on writing as well as share their own stories and receive tips on ways to continue their publishing dreams.

The panel setup
This is the second year we spoke at Silver Sands, and this year was an even bigger success. More students, more questions, and lots of excited chatter at the bus stop as students showed off autographs and books to their friends. I believe the group's collective favorite response from a student was after author Carol Kunz mentioned having to be the remote control for her parents back in the day, and said student asked, "Was that back in 1999?" :0

My favorite was when a boy asked what inspired us to write, and what book we were most proud of writing. So insightful!

Anyway, check out some photos below!

A sign the kids made

Reading Rules!

Chatting with the students

Addressing the students

Carol Kunz

Ben Hale

Sarah Ross

Raine Thomas

Tawdra Kandle
(Not pictured with their books - Tiffany King and Heather Allen. I don't know how I missed you two!)

All dressed up

That was our group Silver Sands adventure. The following Saturday, November 16th, I took the stage all by my lonesome at a writer's conference in Daytona Beach.

I, along with a great lineup of other authors, spoke to an audience about our writing and publishing journey. The mission - to give our secrets of success, share what we learned of our mistakes, and offer advice on how to both publish and sell.

Sounds easy, right? Sure, until you realize you have to get up on stage and talk in front of a full audience. Like this:

Standing on stage the day before

About an hour before showtime

I kept my cool throughout the day, until I had to go backstage and await my turn. Which looked like this:

Waiting in the wings
Nervous face :)
The scrapped notes
It ended up working out well. Of course, I got up on stage and completely lost my train of thought before I ever spoke the first word, so I scrapped all my notes and decided to just wing it. That's what usually happens, so I should have planned that from the beginning. I spoke for 20 minutes or so, then answered questions until my half hour was up.

The interesting thing about the whole day? There were a lot of older writers in the crowd, even writers up in their 80s. Some had been published before, but many were just starting their writing journey. After the event, I had a few of them approach me and ask if they could email me with more specific questions, because out of all the speakers (and I was certainly the youngest), I seemed the most aware of today's self-publishing industry, including getting on blogs and how to sell, especially ebooks. So, I got a bit of an ego boost there :).

But overall, it was great seeing such a broad range of writers. Hopefully I helped some of them out along their publishing path.

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