Sunday, July 14, 2013

Cover Reveal for "Fade into the Woodwork"

Readers, check it out! The cover for Fade into the Woodwork is here! A big thanks to Okay Creations for putting together a cover that captures the essence of the story - fear and hopelessness amidst inner strength.

The Cover:

(barcode will be filled in later)
Fade into the Woodwork is currently in the editing stage, and should be available soon. Stay tuned for details!


Abducted in broad daylight, locked away in a basement cage, starved for food and light - how would you escape your prison?

Valentina Murdoch finds herself asking that same question after she is attacked and kidnapped one ordinary morning. Brought to a secluded hideaway in the middle of the woods to await her fate at the hands of "the boss," she has but days to survive.

Utilizing her love of action movies to create a plan, Valentina plots her escape while battling a crippling fear of the dark - for the dark is where her childhood nightmare lurks, waiting for her one moment of weakness. But as the clock winds down and her husband's search for her threatens his own life, Valentina realizes that her true fight lies within herself.

Will she have the strength to survive, or will the dark - and all the figures that haunt it - finally win?