Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What's New

So, I promised everyone a blog post…and then forgot. Let’s just say life has been extremely busy these past few months. The good news is, all that busy-ness has paid off and there are many exciting developments in the works!
What’s new in my writer world?

Book Releases
As you all know, The Never (standalone) and Into the Shadow Realm (Whisper, #3) were both released this past March. The Never has been doing incredibly well, so clearly I’m not the only one who enjoys a good fantasy story :).

Editing Services
In addition to writing, teaching, and my full-time job, I’ve been working hard on building my independent editing business. Novels, novellas, non-fiction books, resumes – whatever needs editing, I’m your girl. This year alone I’m approaching 15 books edited. Not too shabby for someone with 28 other jobs (I may be exaggerating just a bit). With the success of this new venture, I’ve also launched a Facebook page that can be found here. Forgive me if it’s slow-going at the start. I have a lot on my plate at the moment, but plan to update the page with writing and editing tips to help authors and aspiring writers.

2013 has been the year of events! From small gatherings to powwows to high school workshops to literacy events, I’ve been making my way around the state. In August I’ll be attending the first annual Indie BookFest in Orlando (stay tuned for details) and October will be the annual Port Orange Family Days. Can’t wait!

In the Works
Now for the fun stuff. What am I currently writing, you ask?

Helping Hands #4 – Yes, FINALLY, 2013 will see the publication of the next book in the Helping Hands series. It used to have a title, but I recently decided I wanted to change it so now I’m stuck with a nameless book. The book is written, so I just need to buckle down and edit a novel I wrote, oh, eight years ago.

Whisper Spin-Offs – Y’all know I can’t quit my Whisper characters. I love them all too much. First up will be the fourth and final book of The Whisper Legacy, a sort of prequel that tells how the Raven-Eater came to be. After that is written, I have a couple spin-offs planned with characters introduced throughout the books, including Father Moon and Sapana from Into the Shadow Realm.

Standalone Novels – I am currently about 10 pages in to my WIP, a book that follows one woman on a harrowing trip into darkness when she is abducted. Weakened by beatings, terrified of the dark, and unable to escape her windowless cell, she must fight her way to freedom before “the boss” comes for her. Who is the boss? What does he want with her? How will she escape? Stay tuned to find out.

And now, a picture of my beautiful table from an event a few weeks ago. Definitely growing and improving with each new book and event!


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