Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Poem for Whisky

Sweet & Sour
The title was simple, my Whisky Sour as sweet as can be.
The rest was but a blinking cursor on a white page.
A writer without words, reduced only to feelings,
Nearly three months lost in the mournful cage.
I still see you from the corner of my eye:
A flash of orange, a spot of white.
I still hear your dramatic breakfast howls
As you demand we awaken from a restful night.
What a change you made at our home,
No longer frightened, but content.
What a change you made in my life,
Forging a bond that will never relent.
We took you from a place of pain,
Gave you a haven to love and heal.
You took me from a land of solitude,
Gave me the courage to feel.
How many times did we laugh watching you play.
How many treats did you demand we give.
How many nights did you cuddle by our side.
How many days did you truly, finally live.
They say 13 is an unlucky number, a curse.
But it is the number of years we held you dear.
13 years of unconditional love,
Even the last two when we knew our end was near.
Perhaps I was selfish to keep you so close,
With so many vet visits and pills.
I hope you knew it was out of love that I insisted,
Even though medicine soon became a battle of wills.
Believe me when I say I sought only to give you a good life.
Believe me when I say it was for you.
Believe that I strove to keep you happy during that time,
Believe that my intentions were always true.
I never would let you live in pain,
And so I heard the words you could not speak.
The bond we forged as little ones growing big
Became the strength I needed most when I was weak.
I don’t know how to heal from this hurt,
But I try, for you and for me.
I don’t know how to forgive myself for letting go,
But I move on, for your ever-wonderful memory.
I see you in the little one who knew you but a month,
So independent and wide-eyed and sweet.
I see you in the kitten who came to us after,
So dramatic and demanding for treats.
They know not what a magnificence you were,
But I sense they know what you left behind:
A home where they would be treated like royalty
By a mother who is always loving and kind.
I vowed to celebrate your life on that final day.
I vowed to never forget you in that final hour.
You were my best friend, my cuddlebug.
You were my Sir Whisky Sour.

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  1. So beautiful. I can't stop crying gave him a wonderful life. Luv you my sweet niece