Friday, February 22, 2013

Kicking off the VLog Competition

Today is the first-ever VLOGOFF, just a few authors looking to have a little friendly competition. Hey, we're creative, right? And sometimes willing to make a fool of ourselves in the name of being indie. Who says all we can do is talk about books? Of course, I'm always happy to talk about my books too, so have at it. Just don't talk to me about this video. Because, you know, I'd like to pretend it was my daring and outgoing non-existent twin who is good at being on camera. I'm uncomfortable just thinking about it. WHY AM I SHARING IT.

Anyway, this week's crazy and random topic was SOAP. We could do whatever we wanted with soap. Talk about it, sing about it, the sky's the limit. Me? No way in hell am I singing on camera, so I took a different approach. Let me preface my video by saying, it was a fantastic failure. I left it as that, because it was real. And, I was hungry and wanted lunch and didn't want to do it a third time. Let's all bask in the glory of my science stupidity, shall we?

If you like my video, make sure you vote for it by commenting. Also be sure to visit the other authors' blogs, watch their videos, and comment on those if you like them better, since they likely actually knew what they were doing:
Bonnie Paulson
Krystal Dehaba
Debra Kristi
Johanna Pitcairn
Verity Linden

The person with the most votes by Monday wins! And the winner chooses next week's topic. No fame or glory here. Only good old-fashioned fun.

Enjoy the video! Sorry the thumbnail kinda looks like a pink bong. Blame the vase, and the fact that the other thumbnail option had me making a stupid wannabe thug face.


  1. I love it! So brutally honest with yourself. :-) ill remember not to do that science experiment with my kids! Lol

  2. That was fun! If my kid saw it he would want me to do this experiment tonight. LOL. I know how you feel regarding the video. I had to learn the vlog process for this vlogoff as well. Kind of crazy.

  3. Seriously, one of us needs to move so we can be neighbors.