Saturday, September 15, 2012

Florida Heritage Book Festival

The Florida Heritage Book Festival in St. Augustine, Florida was a success! I sold a lot of books, the most popular being The Sour Orange Derby. I definitely need to order more in time for Port Orange Family Days next month. I also got a chance to network with people and get new ideas for marketing my books, including making audio books and videos featuring local Native American histories and landmarks. More on that to come!

I also got two new indie books to read for my Indie Year Challenge - Prey of the Spirit Bear and memoirs from a flight attendant (can't remember the exact title, but I will post more about it after it's read). I started the Spirit Bear book already and am excited to get into it. Y'all know how much I love my Native American stories. This one focuses more on the tribes of the Southwest.

That reminds me - if you're ever an author at a book event like this, don't go around asking people how well they did and then tell them, "Oh, well I sold out! Lucky me!" First of all, everyone brings a different number of books so selling out doesn't mean much if you bring 15 and another brings 50. Second of all, you kind of sound like a douche. Just saying.

Anyway, some pics!

At the Table

Surrounded by Readers

Other Vendors

Other Vendors

My Outfit (Had to Have My Momma Help Me - I Have No Sense of Style)

(Ignore the white spaces around this photo. It was the only way I could get it to post without it being sideways)

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