Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dungeon: A Short Story

(Art by Marks Haven)

It's been awhile since I've done a blog post. Things have been overwhelmingly busy with teaching, work, and book stuff, and I'm happy to say a lot is getting done, including the upcoming release of  Shadows in the Night (Helping Hands Part Two) and finishing Into the Shadow Realm (Book 3 in the Whisper Legacy - titles coincidental, I don't actually have an obsession with shadows.

My latest endeavor is to release my first-ever short story titled, "Dungeon." I started it years ago but never finished as I began working on other books. I've now dragged it off the literary shelf, dusted it off, and completed it. After editing it will be made available for the Kindle only, price still to be determined (but no more than $.99). In the meantime, enjoy a synopsis below!

A Short Story by Kristina Circelli

Locked away from civilization. Starved for a freedom yet to come. Lost in the world they created for themselves.

They were friends once, before they were prisoners. Then they were allies, dependent on one another for daily survival. When they escaped, if they escaped, more than just that bond built on desperation, loneliness, and familiarity would be tested.

Their existence - one small, cramped room with a cracked table in its center. Their reality - secrets and lies and a struggle to balance the present with the past.

They were the four. They were the prisoners of the Dungeon.

Stay Tuned for the Release of "Dungeon"

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