Sunday, July 1, 2012

Kristina Versus The Internet

So, you know how this blog started as a way to kick myself in the butt and stop being lazy with my writing to-dos? Well, I've come to discover that I'm not lazy - I'm just way too easily distracted by the wonders of the Internet. And by too easily distracted, I mean my brain needs an "off" switch for random thoughts and an "on" switch for only concentrating on the things that matter in the moment.

I was actually trying to be productive today. Got some work done on the third Whisper Legacy book (and it's going to be completely awesome, by the way), got some pre-ordered books ready to be shipped, and then started working on my guest post for my upcoming blog tour. And here's where the day spiraled downward.

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About 5 sentences into my blog tour post, I remembered I haven't checked any of my friends' blogs lately. Obviousy that's more important. Off I went to check the dozens of blogs, and after reading this one about Ryan Gosling my brain naturally switched to "Ryan Gosling is hot. So is Sam Worthington" since we just watched "Wrath of the Titans" last night.

Cue the Google search for all things Greek gods. My minor was classic civilizations so I already have a pretty decent background on the Greek gods, but I still love reading about them anyway. I'm pretty sure about 2 hours were spent reading about Poseidon, Agenor, Perseus, and Theseus, among others.

Ah, Theseus. You can't read about Theseus without looking up the movie "Immortals." Greatest collection of hot dudes since "300." Naturally, this search was conducted primarily in Google Images looking at, well, I'm sure you can guess. And after looking at hot movie guys, of course that would lead one into seeing what movies James McAvory is working on (I just watched "Wanted" today, it was a natural progression).

(I mean, of course you'd want to know more about these people)

Side note - In case you were wondering, "21 Jump Street" was surprisingly hilarious. Go watch it.

Amidst this search I also was playing Words with Friends with my cousin and had the opportunity to play the word "shat" for 18 points, which I didn't even think WWF would accept since it rejected my numerous attempts to play words that probably don't even exist. This amused me for reasons I can't really explain, but I decided that I should nonetheless tell the Internet about it. And here I am. You're welcome.

But now I have to go back to work. I'm seriously considering disconnecting the wireless for an hour or so. But who am I kidding. I'll just tell y'all that I did and then lurk like a champ. I need an Internet-vention.

Also my spell-check said I wrote this entire thing without a single misspelled word. I refuse to believe this, but I'm going to accept it anyway because who knows, maybe I really am that awesome.

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  1. So, I'm not alone in this! I'm always wasting time on the internet looking up things, and when I try to stave off from doesn't work.

    But, you will probably use the info somewhere, for some project, so don't beat yourself up about it too badly. :)

    Looking forward to the next book!