Thursday, July 26, 2012

Derby Pics & Book Tour

A Humbling Experience

(pic from an actual Sour Orange Derby game)

My first book blog tour has come to an end, and I'm pleased with the results. I got some great reviews, generated some awesome press, and sold some books! I've provided the links to all the reviews, interviews, and other posts below.

Before that though, I just wanted to say that this has been a pretty incredible experience. I don't even care so much about the sales as I do what fans and reviewers are saying. Truth be told, I never expected so many people to enjoy The Sour Orange Derby. I don't know what exactly I was expecting, but I did worry it would come off as confusing, disjointed, and with an overall air of "why is this important?" After all, it's a story I understand and appreciate, but would others outside the family?

Now, though, I'm pleased that readers get as much out of the story as I did writing it, living it. So many great reviews make me even prouder to be a Standridge (you know what I mean), and recall those memories with an even bigger smile. So, thank you for making The Sour Orange Derby a fantastic experience for me.

Blog Tour Links:
Mommy Reads Too Much (Review)
Generations of Savings (Excerpt)
My Crafty Life (Review)
Couponing with Boys (Review)
EReading on the Cheap (Author Interview)
Susan Heim on Parenting (Guest Post)
Day by Day in Our World (Review)
Niki's Book Corner (Review)
Identity Discovery (Review & Interview)
Gina's Library (Review)

And Now, Some Pictures!

"June Standridge"

"Kariss Standridge"

A Solid Hit

Injury on the Field!

Sour Orange Fight!

Cleanup Time

"Kariss and Christian Standridge" at "Sugar Plantations"

"K.B., Joyce, and Colly Standridge"

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