Friday, January 6, 2012

The Exciting Part of Marketing

As much as I bitch and moan about marketing, the truth is, I enjoy it. I like talking about my books and about writing, and the entire process. I love hearing praises from fans, and even like debating criticism with those who have problems with certain aspects of the text. It's all part of the game, and it's fun for me.

The best part? Well, there's more than one. For starters, getting in shipments of books and already having a large chunk purchased and ready to ship out:

 And that's not even half of what was pre-ordered! I can't really put into words (I know, shocking, right?) how awesome it is to look down at boxes of your own books and know that you, you did that. Even on the crappiest of days when nothing seems to be going right, you can still say that those boxes of books were all you.

It's a lot of work having to do all the shipping and whatnot myself (for personalized copies, that is), but oddly enough, I enjoy it. I like being hands-on with my books and having total control.

That control is another "best part," as well as one of the worst. I have the control, which means I often fight my own laziness to get stuff done. To force myself to take control of my future, I've decided to sign up for a writer's workshop in February. I'm actually really, really excited about it. I will be selling my novels at the festival (more details to follow, but if you're free February 18th, 2012, take a trip to Amelia Island to see me!) on a Saturday, and the day before is the workshop hosted by best-selling authors.

S is joining me, and I'm hoping to spend the day chatting it up with some of today's most renowned authors (including the author who came up with Rambo). I hope they can give me lots of tips, or be willing to help me accomplish my own dreams. Plus, since I'm not only taking the workshop but also selling books alongside them the next day, I figure they can't ignore me :).

Already, I'm nervous. About the workshop, about the festival, about whether or not the people getting those books above will like Walk the Red Road. But it will all be done, just a few more steps in the adventures of writing!