Saturday, November 26, 2011

What's to Come

People have told me before that I always look like something major is on my mind, like I'm working through a big problem or situation. Usually, my "thinking face" looks like my "I'm pissed off and gonna kick you in the shins" face, but they are right in that I am unable to turn my mind off.

As a result, I have about 50+ books either started, have notes jotted down, or are swarming about in my head still in the early development stages. It's frustrating because I can't possibly write them all at once so these ideas and characters and stories have nowhere to go. Sometimes I feel like I have a hundred different lives all co-existing inside one imagination and I start to fudge reality with fantasy. Or I just start talking to myself even more so than I already do, and believe me, it's rather embarrassing when S walks in on me having a 4-way conversation with imaginary friends. I'm pretty sure he doesn't believe me when I say I was just singing to myself.

So in an effort to get some of this out, I want to share what's coming soon in new books by yours truly.

Book Three in The Whisper Legacy
I still don't have a title for this one and it's driving me insane. I can't start a book without a title; I just can't. And yet, it's already started. Anyway, I can't say too much about this without giving away what happens in the soon-to-be-released sequel, but suffice it to say, it will be awesome.

Certain characters travel to the land of the second deaths to battle a rising evil spirit while searching for another lost soul killed in Walk the Red Road. Along the way, events from the past come back to haunt the characters and they must battle their biggest enemies in order to preserve the spirit realms. I have visions of characters standing on clifftops, rumbling skies with flashing red lightning, storm clouds hanging low over unsuspecting villagers. It will be a dark book, eerie, and yet, a tale of destiny and loyalty and love.

Book Four in The Whisper Legacy
The title for this one is what the third was originally going to be, but it's not copyrighted yet so I can't share (can't risk any of y'all stealing my title or else I'll have to hunt you down). But, I can tell you what it's about. Book Four will take readers back in time, before Whisper, before Ian, before the events of the second and third book altogether. This one will focus on how the Raven-Eater came to be, how he took over the Land of the Dead, and how Smoke Speaker infiltrated the Fire Tower to save his granddaughter.

The Helping Hands Series
At some point, I promise to get back to this series. I've waited so long because the Helping Hands series is like my baby, and I want to do it justice. After finally being free of the publishing company I have control again, so once The Whisper Legacy is complete I hope to re-release the first two in the series (I'm going to go back and make some updates to the text since I wrote them when I was younger). The third book is written and the fourth is started, so stay tuned! There will be 6 books total, the first 5 chronicalling the lives of Melanie O'Conner and all subsequent Helping Hands over 30-40 years or so, while the last book will tell of how the Hell Hounds came to be in the first place.

The Sour Orange Derby (copyright 2009)
This book will likely be released sometime during The Whisper Legacy's run. It is already written and copyrighted, just needs some fine tuning. It's a relatively quick read for YA and up, and focuses on young Cole Standridge and his family. This is a kind of re-telling of my family, centering on stories my grandfather told us and the joys of childhood magic. Of course, I took some major liberties with the fiction version and will likely have to add in a disclaimer should anyone be worried about fact versus fantasy (hint: my little brother refuses to read it because, well, I kill him off). If you're on my Facebook business/book page, check it soon for a full synopsis.

Random Stories
I have, quite literally, about 5 pages of book titles--just titles--and about 3 pages of notes for other stories. I've also started about 15 stories that  are anywhere from 2 to 50 pages complete. I plan to combine some of these stories into a few ideas I have brewing around in my head:

Dancer story - I don't have much to go on for this story, but I have this image of a dancer stretching her arm out, fingers playing in the light. That's about it. I have a friend with a beautiful picture of her dancing that inspired the vision, and it's been growing from there. The hand thing comes from my own obsession, as I love seeing people's hands. They fascinate me. My top three celebs I can give as an example are Angelina Jolie, Connie Britton from American Horror Story, and the blonde chick from The Walking Dead (I hate her character and hope she is zombie bait in the next episode, but I still love her hands).

Ghost story - Inspired by a friend's story, this one will focus on an old, deceased man who comes back to collect a spirit as it passes. Originally I was thinking he would come back to comfort the one who is passing, but the more the idea simmers in my head the more it takes on a different aproach. So, we shall see what happens.

Peter Pan - Those of you who know me, know of my Peter Pan obsession. I've always wanted to write a story about him but for years just let the fantasy play out in my head. The obsession only grew when I read The Child Thief by Brom, which was recommended to me by a friend, "Pirate" Mary (you know who you are). The darker side of Peter in that book only further inspired my own vision, which is Peter a bit older in more of a dark fantasy role. And if I should imagine myself as the female lead, well, what of it?

Most of these stories are years in the making, with more years required for release. But they are all slowly coming together and I can't wait to share them all with you.

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