Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Operation: Ellen

With Walk the Red Road coming to a close (FINALLY), it's time again to focus on marketing. I have my usual contacts-radio shows, newspapers, local magazines, friends and family, etc.-but getting the word out these days is all about social media. My friend Samantha convinced me to finally get on Twitter, @KCircelli, and I have a whole 11 tweets! I'm really bad at this.

But, I'm trying to get better. My problem is that I am the worst self-promoter ever. And I've been told that, many times. I don't like to brag and I get uncomfortable when people praise me or my novels. This presents a problem when I have to actually market and sell them. Over the years I've managed to strengthen my speaking skills and even fake confidence during events, but "selling myself," so to speak, is still the one thing I'm really just no good at.

So, thus begins Operation: Ellen.

(I didn't take this pic. Google did.)
Keep reading, because this is a call to you as well!

In an effort to get my name out there, it's time to use social media to my advantage. I've got the website, I've got the Facebook page, and I've got the Twitter. So let's make Twitter work for me. And it's going to work by getting me on the Ellen Degeneres Show to promote my books. I didn't choose Ellen randomly, in case you're wondering. I've been emailing her for years (so has my mom, I think, too) but so far I have been 100% ignored :(. But hey, let's see if Tweets are ignored too! Ellen was always one of the few people able to put a smile on my face when watching comedies, and I admired her strength growing up when facing my own battles. I wish I had her energy and outlook on life, and confidence to just get up and dance (I don't think anyone has ever seen me dance outside of S and I's first dance at the wedding, and that was it).

I think Ellen and I would get along. In fact, I can guarantee it. We'll put on one hell of a show and she will love me as her guest. She just doesn't know it yet, and that's where Operation: Ellen comes in. I am going to Tweet to her until I get a response, even if it's "Dude, stop trying to get on my show! Ain't gonna happen!"

And now I put the call out to my fans and friends. If you're on Twitter, let Ellen know how awesome it would be to have me as a guest! Just Tweet @TheEllenShow and see what happens. This is my attempt at shameless self-promotion to finally make something happen for myself. I feel completely stupid for even thinking I have a chance, but you know what, sometimes you have to make that blind leap of faith. It's not called an awfully big adventure for nothing!

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