Saturday, October 22, 2011

What’s Keeping Me Sane

Terra Nova

I’m a big fan of dinosaurs, even though the thought of coming across a velociraptor scares the crap out of me. So I was very excited to come across this show. Some of it is a little lame (Slashers? Really? That’s the best name you could come up with?) and the CGI is questionable (I’ll never understand how Jurassic Park could have such awesome animation and yet, some 18 years later it seems we’ve reverted back to cartoonish dinos), but overall I’m loving the show. By the way, has it really been that long since Jurassic Park came out? Holy crap, I’m old. I still remember my mom and stepdad coming home from the theater and her telling us all about how horribly scary the movie was and that she spent the entire film hiding her eyes in my stepdad’s now stretched out shirtsleeve. I’m pretty sure this happened. I may have dreamed it, or it may have been a different movie. I’ll have to verify it later.

American Horror Story

Those of you who know me, know that I’m a little deranged. I think of weird stuff and I have a warped sense of humor. So, AHS is pretty much perfect for me. However, little kid ghosts and the thought of being possessed scare the hell out of me, so I pretty much torture myself every Wednesday night at watching this show. I will say though that I’m glad the burned dude (AKA Russell from True Blood) killed who he did this past episode because I was not going to sit through an entire season of that drama.

Transformers 3

Say what you want about Michael Bay, but the man knows how to put together an awesome movie. The chick in this one wasn’t as annoying as Megan Fox, but she came close at times (I mean, really. Getting pissy because your boyfriend is bailing on a stupid work dinner so he can, oh I don’t know, go SAVE THE WORLD? Lame, Carly. Very lame.). Luckily, my man Shia, who I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve been watching since his Even Stevens days, saved the day by acting his usual crazy self. The third installment was probably my favorite, and I totally want Carly’s car. So what if it’s a decepticon? As Tyrese said, decepticons get the good shit.

Pirates 4

Oh, how I love my pirates. I just got this movie and have watched it like 5 times already. I’ve always wanted to be an old-school pirate or a mermaid (or live in Neverland where there are BOTH), so this movie pretty much fulfills most of my fantasies. And, it’s got Johnny Depp. ‘Nuff said.

The Son of Neptune

I haven’t had time to do much pleasure reading lately, so I was very excited to find the next book in the Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan. I didn’t even know it was out when I want to Barnes & Noble for something else (a boring web writing book. Blah). I’m a big Greek mythology fan (minored in Classic Civilizations) and I love YA, so I can’t get enough of these books. I won’t even go into how much the movie massacred the first book. Let’s just say I force myself to view them as two completely separate entities otherwise I’m just irrationally mad. Hollywood, bring me in. I’ll give you some good shit to work with.

The A-Team

I’ve seen this movie probably 37 times now since HBO is playing it nonstop. I can’t help myself. Liam Neeson is sexy and the movie is just awesome. And, the beginning is one of my absolute all-time favorites. Alpha. Mega. Foxtrot. In other words…well, you get the picture. It reminds me of The Losers with the rocket launcher. Apparently I like it when stuff gets blown up.


So it’s not a movie or book or whatever, but it pretty much tops everything. I’m always thinking about it but lately I’ve been shopping. I pride myself on getting people awesome gifts. And now I just signed up for Secret Santa with my equally awesome group of friends so I can’t wait for the day after Thanksgiving so I can put up my tree. S won’t let me put it up sooner than that.

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