Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Editing Process

So, a little while ago I showed you my nice, shiny new manuscript all pretty and printed out. Remember? It looked a little something like this (oh and no straining to read the text, cheaters):

The paper editing process (and my final edit) is now complete (just waiting for one last edit from my mom). It took a little while for S and me to both finish, but finally we are done. Now, I can be a bit big-headed at times, but not so much that I can't admit to writing awful first drafts. Seriously, they are terrible. Words spelled wrong, sentences half-finished, scenes that don't make any sense. I even had two Chapter 46s and had to go back and fix everything. That was really annoying.

So for the purpose of being totally honest and showing just how many revisions I have to make, here are a few sample pages:

This one's not so bad. I make dashes off to the side whenever I make an edit to ensure I don't miss it when comaring the paper copy to the computer document. Dashes mean an edit, a ">" means to add or expand upon something.

A little worse. Adding in chapter breaks, some random notes to myself.

Gah. So many issues.

WHAT HAPPENED HERE? Also, you'll see S's note that I use the word "mate" a lot. There were a few words or phrases that were overused that he pointed out, so I had to go back and do a search to find all instances of those specific words since I don't notice them when writing. I need a reader to point them out for me.

See the circles off to the side? That's what happens when I get bored editing my story for the 27th time.

Oh, and just for fun, a super adorable picture of Sir Whisky, who slept next to me today while I finished the edit:

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