Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Written Word

The title pretty much says it all—I wanted a blog celebrating the written word. It’s what fascinates me, drives me, intrigues me. It's what makes me happy and gives life meaning, what keeps me sane and drives me crazy all at the same time.

So, I need an outlet. I’ve been caught one too many times by my husband (poor guy, he had no idea what craziness he was marrying) talking to myself and I’m at the point now that I’m having trouble remembering what actually happened and what I made up in my head. People have told me my imagination is too active and wild (Please. Where would the world be without overactive imaginations?) and it’s true, I do tend to think of some weird stuff. But in the same regard, that weird stuff is what makes me who I am.

I am an author. I want to one day be a best-selling author who doesn’t need a desk job to pay the pills. But, all in good time. So, this blog will be my accountability for making that dream come true. Editing drafts on time, completing manuscripts, marketing those manuscripts, tips on self-publishing, I need to be held accountable for every step in the process to get to where I want to be.

And I’ll warn you now, I tend to get off track a lot when I talk (or type). My mind is only organized when I'm writing a story because that allows me to be all over the place. Also, there will be posts about completely useless and stupid things you don’t even care about but I guarantee will get you thinking because, let’s face it, my mind is a vacuum for the things that don’t really matter but are still equally awesome. I can’t tell you anything about WWI or II, I can’t count without using my fingers, and I generally pretend politics don't exist, but I can spout of movie trivia like you wouldn’t believe and can create a whole new world you wish you lived in with just a few sentences. Like I said, I’m kinda crazy. And it is wonderful.

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  1. I love your blog my beautifully, talented niece. "Power of the pen" as Uncle Louis always told me. The power we have with words to change and mold the world, to inspire, laugh and bring tears all in a matter of paragraphs is a love we share. But my mind, does not have the creativity as yours. Funny how I too was not good with history, specifically the wars you mentionned were one of my worst subjects. The advice you give for publishing I will use myself and I know will help many others. Very valuable. Love ya. Look forward to reading more. Aunt Debbie