Friday, September 16, 2011

The Red Road Is on Paper!

Time to Edit!
So today I printed out Walk the Red Road (ok, had someone else do it for me). I was going to do it this weekend, which means I'm ahead of schedule for once! This will be my final edit, and S is going to read it as well to give his input. That makes me the most nervous for some reason. I can handle constructive criticism from anyone else, but for some reason I get defensive when it comes from S. I think because I want him to love it as much as I do, so I get sad when he finds an error and it's not perfect after all. I know, I have issues.

Look! My story!

It's beautiful!

It's ginormous! Hey look, Nemo made it into the picture.

And before I forget, the most important part of the book:

I know. Awww. He knows this dedication means he's never allowed to leave me. I can't be having a special book dedication out there for an ex. No siree. Luckily he's here to stay. By the way, this dedication was supposed to be a surprise but he caught it while sitting next to me as I was scrolling through the document, so...busted.

The one thing I forgot to do though was include page numbers. SO. ANNOYING. Why? Because there are a bajillion pages (bajillion = 172) and it's a pain in the butt finding my place my text rather than by page number when making changes from paper to computer version. Also, because I have a cat who likes to do things like this 30 minutes after your book has been printed:

Thanks, Whisky.

It's going to take awhile to get this done. Part of my weekend is dedicated to editing, but the other part I have to use to start my lesson plans. That's right, this quiet, hates-the-spotlight girl will possibly be teaching 3 classes this spring semester (Intro to Lit, Creative Writing, and Web Writing). So I'm in the middle of reading these books, plus a few others I already rejected as having class potential:

The big books scare me. That's why they've been saved for last.

I don't have much more to say on this matter other than I'm excited to do my final read-through and finally put in the chapter breaks. I also wanted to include a picture of the crisp, clean pages because when I'm done, I'm going to show you how god-awful they look all marked up with edits and ideas for changes. I think the revision process on paper is fascinating. Maybe you don't, but I figure this blog is about writing and that's all part of the process. So, clean version:

It won't look like this by the time I'm done.

Stay tuned!

Oh, and Remember My To-Do List from Earlier?
*Revising manuscript according to editors--ALMOST DONE
*Finding a way to print out manuscript without spending a fortune--DONE
*Give book to S to read and revise--SOON
*Insert chapter breaks and edit again (last time)--IN PROCESS
*Purchase barcode
*Assign ISBN to barcode
*Purchase self-publishing package
*Write book synopsis--THIS IS HARD. NOT DONE
*Write interior text--DONE
*Complete book cover once art is received--ALMOST DONE

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  1. What a beautiful dedication. I love what you wrote. So excited about you teaching three classes. You are going to be an inspiration to the students. If you need more help editing, let me know. Aunt Debbie