Monday, September 5, 2011

How I Spent My Labor Day

I woke up this morning fully intending on spending the day editing. I was even up until 2 a.m. working on my book (okay, and talking to friends online). While I did get a whole three pages edited (hey, it takes time. It's a process), I think my day was far more productive by procrastinating.

Why? Because I got some Christmas shopping done! Christmas is my favorite time of year. If Scott Calvin was my dad I'd be the happiest girl alive. Dad as Santa is the most awesome thing ever. I can't say husband as Santa is the best thing ever because we all saw what happened to Scott after poor unsuspecting Carol said I Do, and let's face it, I'm a shallow girl who loves muscles. BUT, even if Santa isn't my dad and Buddy the Elf isn't my long-lost brother (it could happen) I still love the season and everything that comes with it. The lights, the music, the festivities. We don't have white Christmases in Florida so I do miss out on that aspect, but green Christmases are still wonderful. I'm actually kind of sad on Christmas day because it means the holiday is over.

Anyway, my favorite part of Christmas is giving gifts. I love shopping for people and finding that perfect present. Now, I'm going to share with you some things I came across because they are fun and I'm excited to buy them.

(pic from Amazon)

This one is for my mom. It's okay to reveal this gift recipient because it's a yearly tradition, so she knows it's coming. How did this tradition come to be? Well, I was watching the movie Sahara with my mom and little brother one day and upon the screen appeared strange dead bodies. It was dark, we were only half-paying attention, and thus ensued a very loud and dramatic argument over whether these bodies were chickens, or people (what? It's hard to distinguish the two sometimes). Turns out, Mom was right. They were dead chickens. And now she gets a chicken calendar every year to celebrate her victory.

(pic from

This one is for S (he knows it's coming as well). I don't really know why he wants it, but whatever. I foresee this becoming the best "I'm so annoyed wit my day that I need to crush something" gadget ever.
(Google pic)
For the person who loves to play the guitar. Of course, you can just head to the closest music store to pick up a pack of picks for cheap, but what fun is that? You can MAKE YOUR OWN, people!

This one is actually for 2 people. It's the coolest hand-held tool ever. A screwdriver, hammer, level, tape measurer, and LED flashlight all in one? You can't beat that.

I really hope I get my friend Nebb for Secret Santa this year (you hear me, Nebb? You better play). I want to get her this remote-controlled dinosaur. Or a dino costume for her dog. Either one.

Of course, I also did some shopping for myself. These are a few things I want:
Finally, a way to lay out in the sun and read on my stomach without the weird neck-tilt or having to sit up on my elbows. Plus, it kind of looks like a massage table, which means BONUS, S can give me massages at the beach. This will work out well, I think.
What? It's not creepy, it's just his shadow. And clearly it's the best thing ever.

Okay, now I'm going to do some actual work. After I fold the laundry.

*Pics are not mine. They are either from Google or their respective sales sites.

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