Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Bit about My Books

So, let's get started. Because I'm lazy, I'm just going to link the synopsis of my first two books, The Helping Hands and The Iron Fist: Legacy of the Helping Hands because this blog is all about The Whisper Legacy.

Before I tell you more about my books, I’ll go ahead and explain the blog title. Anyone with good taste in books and movies will know it comes from Peter Pan. And anyone who knows me, knows I have a slight (ha) obsession with this story. If it wasn’t creepy to say I’m in love with Peter Pan, then I’d shout it for all the world to hear. But, since Peter is only like 12 and our love would be illegal, suffice it to say that I am enamored with the thought of never having to grow up. Not only because bills totally suck and being an adult is just a lot of work, but because children have the kind of imagination we all need to survive in this world.

I dream of my own Neverland, a place filled with fairies and mermaids and adventure and magic (but not lost boys, I’m not a big fan of wild children running around in my dream paradise). I could even do with some pirates, and I’ll fight them out of pure jealousy that they get to pillage and plunder while I stay on shore because I get seasick. Now, my Neverland isn’t a Disney happy place, but more of a mix of Barrie and Brom with my own twists thrown in for kicks. It’s a place where I can be myself without worrying about saying the wrong thing or dealing with people who tell me I dream to big. There’s no such thing as dreaming too big, dreams know no limits, no boundaries. That’s the great thing about dreams. So, I dream of Neverland and of Pan (I once called S, my husband, my own Peter Pan because he loves my imagination and thinks my craziness is endearing but he didn’t appreciate being compared to a tights-wearing flying child so now I pretend Pan is just my imaginary friend).

The blog title is part of one of my favorite Barrie/Peter Pan quotes, “To live would be an awfully big adventure.” The contrast to this is “To die would be an awfully big adventure” but that’s a little on the dark side so I chose life. And, after all, that’s what life—and my writing—is all about. One day I want this tattooed on my foot (and NO mother, I won’t wait until you’re dead to get another tattoo).

Anyway, I digress. The Whisper Legacy is three books, possibly four, centered about my Native American heritage and the things that fascinate me most about the culture. It's fantasy mixed with reality, my way of keeping my culture alive. We are a people that celebrate storytelling, creating new places through words, cherishing relationships with nature while breathing life into legend. Telling stories is what I love to do, which is probably why you should take any story I tell in person with a grain of salt. I’m known to exaggerate.

I’ll leave you with the synopsis of Beyond the Western Sun, published this December 2010. The sequel, Walk the Red Road, will be out by the end of the year, probably sooner. I hope you’ll join me on my journey into the Land of the Dead and bringing Whisper into the read world.

Beyond the Western Sun:

On a sunny day at a Smoky Mountain campsite, seven year-old Cole Daivya vanished beneath raging river rapids. Now, Ian Daivya has a choice—to bury his son and say good-bye forever, or face a perilous journey through the Land of the Dead. Along with Whisper, a Cherokee apprentice born into a world she was destined to change, he will face the creatures of Native American lore and have his very character tested by those who hold his child hostage in death.
The Watchmen who guard the terrifying Bridge of the Dead, the giant inchworm that feeds on women, deceitful Mole who dwells beneath the earth, all will challenge Ian and Whisper as they journey beyond the Western Sun that separates them from their past lives. Their destination—the Fire Tower, where they will face the Raven-Eater, a ferocious tyrant who rules over the land with the desire to destroy the living world. What Ian soon learns, though, is that there is more to this quest than Whisper is willing to share, and in order to survive he must put all his faith in the secretive woman with haunting black eyes and the ancient Elder who speaks to the dead.
As the Army of the Dead marches closer to the Western Sun, as Whisper leads them deeper into the Land of the Dead, and as the truth behind Cole’s death is slowly revealed, Ian discovers that the fate of both worlds depends on his courage, his humility, and the life of his son.

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