Sunday, September 4, 2011

And So It Begins

I’ve given myself a deadline. I don’t do well with deadlines because they stress me out and I get grumpy, but despite all that grumpiness I do tend to get things done. When I was younger I gave myself the deadline of publishing my first book by the end of high school, and somehow, I did it (because I was a total loner who sat in front of the computer every night instead of hang out with friends—pretty much my life now). Granted, it was the last month of high school, but it still counts.

Anyway, all writing, editing, revising, book prep, etc, etc, must be done by October 1st. Why? Because I want ­Walk the Red Road to be out by the end of the year, and because I’m selling Beyond the Western Sun at this year’s Port Orange Family Days (first weekend of October) and want to have a better idea as to a release date. I’ve had this deadline since January or so, and I’m cutting it close because, as everyone knows, I’m lazy. And I have to work a “real” job so that definitely cuts into my creative time.

I finished the first draft a few months ago. In my heart, it was awesome, the next great American novel. In my head, it was crap (all first drafts are crap, if someone tells you differently, they are either a liar or delusional). So, every day since *insert date I finished draft because I can’t really remember* I’ve been editing and revising, rewriting and agonizing over that perfect word that’s on the tip of my tongue but won’t reveal itself.

Now Walk the Red Road is in the hands of my editors (awesome people, by the way) and I’ve received the first round of edits. So, it’s on. Time for me to make their suggested changes, then print out the manuscript and edit again, and put in chapter breaks.

Basically, my to-do list for the next month includes:
*Revising manuscript according to editors
*Finding a way to print out manuscript without spending a fortune
*Give book to S to read and revise
*Insert chapter breaks and edit again (last time)
*Purchase barcode
*Assign ISBN to barcode
*Purchase self-publishing package
*Write book synopsis
*Write interior text
*Complete book cover once art is received

Did I mention I have less than a month? Someone feel free to kick me in the shins mid-September if I haven’t completed at least 7 of these items.

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